This in depth crash course is a way for you to create an interior design business on your own.

You will be guided by Naomi Mamiye herself, and she will teach you everything you need to know to do it yourself.

Naomi is big on making dreams comes true, and this is your opportunity to prove to yourself and to the world that you got what it takes to rock this industry!

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Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
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About Naomi Mamiye

I was at rock bottom with no income or college degree. I decided to monetize on my given talents and use my creativity to support myself. People laughed when I said I was starting a design firm.

Instead of letting it bring me down, I used it as fuel to propel myself ahead and prove them wrong. I pushed myself hard to get to the top of the design world. I did my first few projects free of charge to get my name out.

With a good reputation, one referral came after the next and I never had to advertise. No money investment is needed to become a success in the interior design field. Just going above and beyond for each client will give you a ripple effect and bring you more.

Style in inborn and if you have that flair, this career is for you. Go out there and be your own boss, work on your own terms and hours. Dream big and become the star you are meant to be!


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Crash Course Introduction

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